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Welcome to! We are a Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction archive that is currently accepting new fanfiction submissions of all Rurouni Kenshin / Samuari X related fanfiction stories and/or crossovers.


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The 30 Themes Drabble Challenge by Aisuruchan PG-13
TFME's first drabble challenge where you write a drabble/ficlet using one...
Write a Picture Challenge by Aisuruchan PG-13
TFME's first Write a picture challenge!
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30 Themes Drabble Challenge

I've decided to re-open the challenge and just keep it open. There is no time frame at all.

The challenge is now permanently open. Have at it!

--Aisuru-chan on 02/27/2010 06:34 AM 0 Comments

The 30 Themes Drabble Challenge

TFME Presents:
The 30 Themes Drabble Challenge

Welcome to TFME's first drabble challenge where you write a drabble/ficlet using one of the thirty themes listed. The challenge is to write a drabble based on one of the following themes. Then write another one. Then another. Do you get the idea?

You can use any character and/or couple from Rurouni Kenshin.

NO CRAP ENTRIES!! This is not a race, take your time.
TFME's submission rules/guidelines still apply!



What is a drabble?
A drabble is a one-part story that can be anywhere from fifty to five-thousand words, but is centered around, or inspired by, a pre-set theme.

Do I have to use the themes given? Can I use my own?
Yes, you have to use the themes listed, and no you cannot use one of your own.

Can I write one drabble with more than one theme?
No, each theme has to have its own drabble.

Can I submit a story I have already written?

Is there a prize for completing the challenge?
Bragging rights and a banner made by one of the staff members of TFME.

Can I submit my drabbles on another site?
They are your drabbles, you may do as you please with them.

Do I have to do them in order?
No, they can be in any order you choose.

How long do I have to respond?
Today is September 18th. You have until November 20th.

How do I respond to the challenge?

First - if you don't have an account here, make sure you Sign Up Here Go to "Account Info" once you are logged in. Then click on "Add New Story" and for the title, put in a name for your whole 30 themes. From there, add in your first drabble by filling in the form. For the chapter title, put in the theme number for your drabble and the name of that drabble.

NOTE: Please be sure to put in the word count for each drabble.

Second - As you write each drabble, add your drabble to your story like you would for any normal chapter story by clicking on "Account Info," then "Manage Stories." After clicking on the edit link by the name of your drabbles list, click on "Add New Chapter" at the bottom of the chapters list.

Third - Each time you add a drabble to your list, come HERE to this challenge post and click on the link at the bottom that says: [Contribute to Round Robin] In the "Add New Chapter" page you need to put the title of your drabble in the chapter section along with YOUR USERNAME. In the Story Text area, put a link to your drabble you have just added like this:

# 15 Wings

Title of Drabble by Your Username
Word Count

< a xhref="link to your drabble goes here" >Click to Read!< /a >
Note: Remove the spaces at between the < and the first thing it connects to.

Make sure you PREVIEW before your post, otherwise the link will not show up correctly.

Now, without further adue, here is the list:

1. Time
2. Cherry Blossoms
3. Story
4. Rain
5. Sword
6. Iris
7. Bamboo
8. Moon
9. Shooting Star
10. Rice
11. Wind Chimes
12. Glass
13. Far Away
14. Butterfly
15. Wings
16. Past
17. Snow
18. Night
19. Day
20. Colour
21. Note
22. Fire
23. Path
24. Symbol
25. Lightning
26. Silk
27. Waterfall
28. Memories
29. Sleep
30. Chance

There sets the list. If you any questions, please don't hesitate to email one of the staff members and ask, please don't ask your question in a review. Good Luck!!

--Aisuru-chan on 09/18/2009 08:18 AM 0 Comments

Write a Picture Challenge

This challenge is when you write a story evolving around a certain picture. It can be from simple 100 words to 1,000 words or more.


What is this challenge?
This Challenge is where you look at the picture and write a story that evolves around that picture.

DoI have to use the picture you have posted?
Yes. You may not use any other picture for this challenge.

Can I submit a story that I have already written?
No. It has to be a new story evolving this picture.

How long do I have to finish it?
You have no time limit, this challenge will always be open.

How long must it be?
Minimum of 100 words. It can be a simple drabble, but must evolve the picture. No chapter stories, only one shots.

May I use my story somewhere else?
It's your story, you may do what you want with it,

How do you want me to submit it?
This is the format I want used:
Word Count:

May I submit more than once?
I will allow it, but it has to be completely different from what you wrote. Don't write the same thing and do it differently.

Rule/guidelines still apply to this challenge, aside from it having to be eight hundred words or more I will let slide, if it is a drabble. Anyway, here is your challenge photo:

Write a Picture

There is your picture! I can't wait to read your responses have fun!

--Aisuru-chan on 08/31/2009 02:36 PM 0 Comments

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